Sports lawyer

  • Consulting in the field of sports legislation
  • Drafting, conclusion, and termination of employment, agency contracts
  • Protection of the client's rights when considering sports disputes
  • Representation of interests in state and arbitration courts
  • Representation in FIFA DRC, KHL Disciplinary Committee, RFU Chamber, etc.
Phone consultation, online consultation Free
Viva consultation at a personal meeting 100-200$
Negotiating, approving contracts, agreements from 200$ per hour
Representation of interests in sports arbitration from 200$ per hour

Why contact a sports lawyer?

Sports law is a growing area, and we have a sports lawyer in our company. The sports lawyer continuously monitors changes in the legislation regulating the relations between athletes, coaches, clubs. Also, a sports lawyer is involved in drafting the statutes of sports clubs and other sports organizations. You can count on qualified assistance in disputes with state sports organizations, sports arbitration, disciplinary committees, and other bodies of sports organizations. The sports lawyer of our bureau provides legal services for the following persons:

  • government agencies;
  • sports clubs;
  • teams, members of national teams;
  • athletes and coaches;
  • sportsmen of children’s sports schools;
  • employees involved in the sports field.

Resolution of disputes under employment contracts for sports activities

A sports lawyer will help you frame the terms of the contract so that the sportsman or coach is protected in the event of injury. For example, an employment contract with an athlete who has lost the ability to work due to injury, work injury, or occupational disease, received during training sessions, training camps, sports competitions, cannot be terminated at the initiative of the club until the restoration of working capacity or the establishment of disability and retirement, as well as full payment of the insurance amount. When preparing an employment contract with an athlete, a sports lawyer will help develop the conditions for monetary compensation, conditions for training events, the procedure for performing at competitions, the responsibility of the sports organization to the athlete, provisions on transfer to another club, etc.

Accompaniment of the transfer of coaches and athletes from one club to another

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation does not distinguish a special type of transfer agreement on the transfer of athletes or coaches from one club to another, however, such an agreement will have legal force, in accordance with the principle of freedom of contract. At the stage of drawing up such an agreement, a sports lawyer will help determine the essential conditions:

  • the possibility and conditions of transfer to specific clubs.
  • the amount of compensation for the transfer of the athlete.
  • the obligation of the club from which the athlete leaves to fire him in the order of transfer to
    another employer.

By complying with the terms of various regulations, such as the Regulations of the Russian Football Union, a sports lawyer can help formulate favorable terms of an agreement on counter monetary compensation or on the oncoming transfer of athletes between clubs. Also, our sports lawyer assists in specific rare disputes, such as the “rent” of an athlete (temporary performance in another club), as well as the transfer of “rights to an athlete” to the club.

Legal assistance in the conclusion of advertising and agency contracts with an athlete

Our sports lawyer will help you to correctly draw up an advertising contract, which will resolve issues about the procedure for providing images, videos with an athlete; use of the athlete’s name on billboards and posters; the ability to print images of an athlete on clothing, and many other aspects.
A sports lawyer will not only draw up an advertising contract but also advise when choosing a sponsor for an athlete, as well as when concluding sponsorship contracts.

The athlete's dismissal and reprimand were challenged

Citizen A. worked under an employment contract as an athlete - instructor in the sports complex "F". For a long time, he did not participate in sports competitions, since his coach-teacher did not have the appropriate qualifications and could not conduct training events in weightlifting.

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