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Study of the circumstances of the case and development of a legal position from 100$ per hour
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Defense in a court of general jurisdiction (world, city, regional) from 200$ per hour
Appealing a court decision in an appellate court, a cassation court, and the procedure for supervision from 150$ per hour

The specificity of civil proceedings

Every day, each person has many legal relationships with family, neighbors, child’s teachers, employer, partners, organizations, bystanders, drivers, etc. And in each of these situations, someone’s rights can potentially be violated. The list of problems considered by the civil court is very impressive – descriptions of types of violations of legislative norms and options for resolving conflicts took up 4 volumes of the Civil Code. It is possible to independently take up the defense of rights in such disputes only in simple cases and do this only after legal consultation with an experienced lawyer or legal adviser. A key feature of the judicial review of civil cases is that the collection of the evidence base is mainly entrusted to the participants in the process, who appear before the court, which considers the evidence and arguments of the parties and makes a decision in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant.

Moscow legal – legal assistance from the best civil lawyers in Russia

The Moscow legal office started its work more than 10 years ago. Our specialists are members of the bar association and have all the necessary credentials to effectively represent the interests of clients in court. High qualifications and knowledge of all the intricacies of the Moscow legal proceedings, combined with serious practical experience, allow our lawyers to develop effective winning strategies even in the most difficult cases. Our lawyers approach each private dispute individually, clarifying in detail all the circumstances, and correctly assessing the prospects of the trial.

Both parties to the process are entitled to qualified legal assistance, and in most cases, the winner in the dispute is the one whose lawyer was able to more convincingly present the client’s position and substantiate his actions. Civil lawyers of Moscow legal know how to convince – we have won more than 90% of the cases that we did!

List of disputes considered by the civil court

The civil court considers an extensive list of disputes, property, and non-property nature. The following categories fall within the competence of a civil lawyer.

  • Family disputes (divorce, alimony, deprivation of parental rights);
  • Labor (disputes with the employer);
  • Automotive issues (road accidents, MTPL insurance, CASCO, leasing);
  • Inheritance law;
  • Real estate issues (equity construction, privatization);
  • Land legislation (cadastral issues, illegal construction, and other land disputes, etc.);
  • Housing issues (disputes with neighbors, HOA, housing, and communal services, noise, flooding);
  • Compensation for damage in criminal cases;
  • Migration affairs;
  • Banking law (mortgage, loans);
  • Medical issues (including psychiatry);
  • Property disputes (including maternity capital);
  • Disputes under contracts (including insurance contracts);
  • Tax law;
  • Military disputes;
  • Consumer rights Protection;
  • International law;
  • Customs law;
  • Administrative responsibility;
  • Copyright, intellectual property;
  • Debt collection;
  • Sports sphere.

If your legal rights have been violated and it is not possible to resolve the issue peacefully, you should not try to prove your case and resolve the conflict situation by methods that go beyond the law. This is fraught with the fact that you will appear in a civil court as a defendant and you will have to prove not someone else’s guilt, but your own innocence. It is more expedient and profitable to hire a good civil lawyer and legally resolve the issue in your favor.

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